Creme Defatigante

– Helps improve blood circulation.
– Prevents the “heavy leg” feeling and provides a refreshing and lightness sensation through. thermal effects (hot and cold).
– Relaxes and soothes the muscles.
– Lightens tired legs and relieves muscular tiredness.

Recommended for: Ideal for tired and “heavy” legs. Ideal for athletes, for people working on their feet and before and after physical activity.
– Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.
Texture: Cream

Product Size: 100 ml 3.4 oz

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Crème Défatigante is rich in stimulating and toning Essential Oils and leaves your legs feeling deliciously light and refreshed.

Apply Crème Défatiguante in the morning and/or the evening massaging it in lightly in ascending movements. Use open hands to massage very lightly from the ankle upwards on the inner leg and then on the outer leg.

– Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.

Toning agents: Birch Bark and Ivy Extracts, Thyme and Cyprus Essential Oils.
Refreshing agents: Lemon and Mint Essential Oils.
Detoxifying agent: Fucus Extract.
Anti-inflammatory agent: Arnica Extract.