Creme Dermo-RL Corps

– Makes up for epidermal deficiencies in fatty substances.
– Regenerates, restructures and visibly reconditions the epidermis.
– Creates a soothing sensation, as soon as it is applied and throughout the day.
– Hydrates the upper layers of the epidermis.
– Protects the skin from climatic aggressions (wind, sun, soap, depilation).

Recommended for: Lacking in lipids, dehydrated and weakened skin types.
Texture: Cream-butter

Product Size: 175 ml 5.9 oz

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Crème Dermo-RL Corps is a complete lipid-replenishing, hydrating and repairing cream. Designed to replenish the epidermis with lipids and increase its water
content. Perfume-free, paraben-free.

Apply Crème Dermo-RL Corps every morning and/or evening by gentle ascending massage concentrating on the dry areas (feet, elbows, knees).

Lipid reconditioning active ingredients: Pichia Anomala Extract, Blackcurrant Butter,
Raspberry Seed Oil.
Moisturizing active ingredients: Natural Botanical Polysaccharide, Hyaluronic Acid and Rhizobium Complex.
Protective active ingredients: Sugar Derivatives, Rosemary Oil Extract.
Repairing active ingredients: Onopordum Acanthium Extract.