Huile Detente

– Helps the body relieve tension.
– Facilitates sleep and helps unwind.
– Softens the skin.
– Improves microcirculation.

Recommended for: Anti-stress oil ideal for relaxing and therapeutic care.
– Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.
Texture: Oil

Product Size: 125 ml 4.2 oz

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This anti-stress treatment is rich in Lavender and Palmarosa Essential Oils which are renowned for their soothing properties. It relaxes and relieves “heavy leg” sensations. When used in the evening it helps bring on peaceful, repairing sleep.

For easier absorption, apply a few drops of Huile Détente after your shower or bath on skin that is still slightly wet. Only apply the amount of oil the skin can absorb. Just a few drops in the palm of your hand will be enough. Spread over the body without forgetting the solar plexus (in the abdominal cavity), the nape of the neck, the shoulder region and the feet.

– Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.

Soothing agents: Lavender and Palmarosa Essential Oils.
Regenerating agents: Clove and Lemon Essential Oils.
Antioxidant agent: Grape Seed Oil.
Anti-inflammatory agent: Basil Essential Oil.