Iso Placenta

– Corrects acne traces
– Regenerates and improves skin restoration
– Smooths the skin’s microrelief
– Reduces redness and marks
– Reduces blemishes and conceals spots
– Regulates the synthesis of growth factors to support the growth, differentiation and migration of cells

Recommended For:
Skin instants with traces of acne.

Texture: Serum

Product Size: 8 ml 0.3 oz, 30 ml 1.0 oz


As a genuine skin renovating serum, Iso-Placenta exclusively focuses on repairing acne damage. At the core of its formula, the Biomimetic placenta contains the same essential elements as the human placenta to simulate its function and benefits for the skin cells. It uses biomimicry to support their growth, differentiation, and migration to help restore the skin. The Carob Seed extract and the Scotch thistle extract boost this regenerating action with complementary mechanisms stimulating the cellular differentiation process.

1. Apply 1ml to a cleaned skin over the face, neck and décolleté.
2. Perform a light ascending massage until the product has completely been absorbed.

While the old Placenta serum was safe to use around the eyes, we do not recommend using the new version on that area.
Avoid the eye area.
External use only.

– Cell restoration platform: Biomimetic placenta
– Regenerating platform: Carob Seed extract, Scotch Thistle extract