Pommade Capillaire

– Repairs damaged hair strands and tips
– Protects hair from everyday external attacks
– Nourishes and coats hair
– Restructures hair fiber
– Adds shine
– Prevents split ends from forming
– Smooths cuticle and fills gaps in lipid cement

Recommended For: All hair types. Ideal for dry and damaged Hair Instants.

Texture: Ointment

Product Size: 50 ml 1.7 oz

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Pommade Capillaire coats hair like a film to smooth and repair hair shafts and damaged ends. Hair is coated and nourished. This product is enriched with a vegetable oil complex that restructures hair fibers, smooths cuticles and fills gaps in lipid cement. It repairs hair and protects it against everyday attacks. By enveloping hair strands, Pommade Capillaire helps repair cuticle scales while rebuilding the interior. This nourishes hair, leaving it smooth, coated and visibly less brittle.

Apply Pommade Capillaire on dry or wet hair, coating the strands from the roots to the ends, smoothing over with the palms of your hands. Do not rinse. Apply regularly after each shampoo.

– Reparative active ingredients: Ceramide Like.
– Protective active ingredients: Tomato Extract, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil.
– Coating active ingredients: Abyssinian Oil.