Serum Biosensible

– Respects the physiological balance of sensitive skin.
– Reduces skin sensitivity.
– Calms the feeling of tightness.
– Provides a feeling of comfort.

Recommended for: Sensitive skin.
Texture: Serum

Product Size: 30 ml 1 oz

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A restructuring and soothing serum that strengthens the epidermis and reduces skin sensitivity.
– A reconditioning treatment for sensitive epidermis.
– Reduces skin sensitivity and soothes tightness
– The Sérum Biosensible can be used at any point during the treatment to stabilize the skin if redness or heat appear. It plays a key role against inflammation.

Apply 4-5 drops of Serum Biosensible on clean skin over the entire face, neck and décolleté, using light upward effleurages.

Intensive Treatment:
Apply twice a day, morning and evening, for the full duration of an epidermal renewal cycle (28 days).

Maintenance Care:
Apply twice a week, morning and/or evening, according to the progress noticed on desensitization.

Use Serum Biosensible in combination with Emulsion Gel Biosensible to reduce the sensation of tightness, itchiness and inflammation.

Soothing actives ingredients: Polysaccharides Rich in Rhamnose, Kudzu Extract, Lipopeptides, Witch Hazel Extract.
Restructuring and hygroscopic actives ingredients: Kiwi Fruit Water, Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing, Sugar Derivatives.
Protective and anti-oxidant actives ingredients: Mimosa Extract, Cranberry Extract, Turmeric Extract, White Tea Extract, Canadian Hemlock Extract.