Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

– Safe and easy to use
– Effectively loosen the build up in clogged pores
– Exfoliate the surface skin
– Micro-current pulse help to enhance the appearance of a firmer, healthy-looking, more radiant skin.
– The positive ion helps remove surface dirt and cleanses the skin
– Bio Blue Light helps to diminish the look and feel of inflammation and improve the appearance of problematic skin and scars


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This Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber features a stainless steel skin spatula through which tens of thousands of minute vibrations are created every second. It helps to loosen and remove excess oil, debris and dead skin to prevent the effects of clogged pores and smooth the appearance of normal or problematic skin. In addition, application and delivery of topical skin care products are enhanced to provide more effective results.

– Ultrasonic Device
– 5pin USB charging cable
– Charging Base
– User Manual
– Gift Box

1. Apply skin cleansing lotion/gel to your face; keep your skin always moist.
2. Turn on the device. Choose the first “Continuous Wave Deep Cleansing Mode” or third “High Level Deep Cleansing Mode”; hold the unit with the control panel away from the face. Treatment time is typically 3-5 minutes, for a maximum of 5 times per week. It is recommended to start with the first “Continuous Wave Deep Cleansing Mode”.
3. Move the machine from the neck upwards onto the face in horizontal strokes. Repeat on both sides of the face.
2. Methodically work over all areas of the face. 3. Change the direction of the handset and glide in vertical strokes starting from the neck area. Work from the jaw to the hairline.
4. Cleanse around the curve of the nostril using the curved inner edge of the blade.
5. Use the scooped out middle section of the blade to cleanse the chin area under the lip with vertical strokes.
6. Select the first “Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing Mode” to work around the eyebrow area. Avoid the delicate under eye area when using the third “High Level Deep Cleansing Mode”.
7. Wash your face with water after treatment.

– After each use, cleanse the device with a wet cloth and then keep it in a dry and cool place
– Before cleansing the device, make sure it is turned off, and do not connect with a power supply
– Personal use only; do not share the device with others