Masque Majestueux Votre Visage

Recommended for: All skin types and especially dry skin.

Texture: Cream


Product Size: 50 ml 1.69 oz

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With its changing texture, MASQUE MAJESTUEUX creates a rare sensory experience and infuses the skin with precious ingredients from the hive. Formulated to be deliciously massaged, this universal beauty balm reveals nourished revitalized skin of exquisite softness.
– Soothes all sorts of discomfort
– Immediate nutrition of the skin
– Stimulates skin’s regeneration
– Moisturizes the epidermis

Once or twice a week, apply a thick layer to clean skin. Massage the face with upward circular movements for 1 to 2 minutes to relax the skin and encourage absorption of the nourishing active ingredients. During the massage, the texture becomes more oily. Leave for 5 minutes, then massage the mask with damp hands. The texture becomes milky. Rinse and finish your facial with your usual face care products.

– Essence of Bees complex: Blend of honey, propolis and royal jelly obtained through a patented lipophilic extraction process. Intense nutrition, repairing action, soothing and healing.
– Symbiotic agents: Ensure a perfect fusion of the product with the skin.
– Beeswax: Powerfully nourishing and softening.
– DNA liposome: Delivers triple DNA’s moisturizing and regeneration power down to the living epidermis. Brings fatty acids to reinforce intercellular cement.
– Liposomed RNA: Repairing effect on damaged cells.