Serum Majestueux Vos Yeux

Recommended for: Hooded and saggy eye lids.

Texture: Serum


Product Size: 15 ml 0.5 oz

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No signs of gravity can resist this high potency eye lifting serum that glides on like satin!
With an expertly curated blend of potent peptides it offers a wow-worthy lifting effect, dramatically lessening the appearance of wrinkles and droopy eye lids.
– Replenishes the epidermis
– Firms the eye contour
– Lifts the upper eye lid
– Refreshes the look

Morning and evening, apply one dose of the product with the ring fingers. Begin below the eye in the inner corner and smooth upward to the temples, right to the top of the eyebrow. Apply the product to the eyelid fold and beneath the brow for 30 seconds with light taps. Leave the product to penetrate for a few seconds before applying VOS YEUX eye contour cream.

– Essence of Bees complex: Blend of honey, propolis and royal jelly obtained through a patented lipophilic extraction process. Intense nutrition, repairing action, soothing and healing.
– Silanol: Boosts collagen production. Smoothing effect. Deep regeneration of extra-cellular matrix.
– Zero gravity complex: A peptide based complex that boosts skin’s elasticity and firmness for a lifted skin.
– DNA liposome: Delivers triple DNA’s moisturizing and regeneration power down to the living epidermis. Brings fatty acids to reinforce intercellular cement.
– Liposomed RNA: Repairing effect on damaged cells.