Malachite-NP Complex Serience Night Serum

– Improves the appearance of fatigued-looking skin
– Assists in smoothing the appearance of both expression and vertical lines, improving skin luminosity and radiance
– Helps to protect the skin against the effects of present and future oxidative stress-induced damage

Recommended for: Suitable for all skin types.
Texture: Serum


Product Size: 30ml 1.0 oz

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Serience Night Serum helps to improve the appearance of fatigued-looking skin and visibly enhance its luminosity, leaving it looking more relaxed, youthful and glowing.

Packaging & Shelf Life
– 24 months unopened
– 10-12 weeks period after opening
– 30 ml airless pump bottle

Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone with your preferred Environ products. Using the fingertips, apply the serum onto the key pressure points above the brows, on the temples, and along the jawline to assist in creating a relaxing experience. Then gently massage the serum into the skin before your recommended Environ vitamin A moisturizer. Remember to encourage deep breathing as a way to destress the mind and body.