D. Solution Booster

Recommended for: – For women suffering from recent or long-established cellulite.
– For women looking to reduce stubborn localized curves.
– Visible excess fat.

– Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.

Texture: Gel Serum


Product Size: 100 ml 3.4 oz

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– Thanks to its groundbreaking combination of state-of-the art ingredients (caffeine, forskolin, destocking complex, draining complex, etc.) in high concentrations,
D. SOLUTION BOOSTER works in synergy against the phenomena responsible for bulging and cellulite. When applied, the skin becomes intensely fresh and gives the impression that the body is immediately toned.
– Ideal to treat all types of cellulite.
– Reshapes body contour.
– Visible and measurable results as of 14 days.

In the morning and at night, apply up to ten pumps of the product to clean, dry skin on all areas that require treatment.

– Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.

Fat-burning complex: The combination of Highly Bioavailable Caffeine and Forskolin effectively stimulates lipolysis.
Draining complex: Visnadine and Escin together increase motility of blood
capillaries for easy removal of lipid and aqueous wastes.
Anti-storage uncaria extract: By inhibiting LPL (Lipoprotein lipase), this complex prevents lipids from entering adipocytes.
Lipo-rewind complex: Enables fatty cells to return to their initial state as contractile cells.