Icy Falls

– For light to moderate makeup.
– Suitable for all skin, particularly dehydrated skin.

Texture: Jelly


Product Size: 200 ml 7 oz

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ICY FALLS is a fresh and generous cleansing face jelly to be massaged directly into made-up skin to voluptuously eliminate every trace of pigment. The texture is transformed with each motion, becoming a diaphanous, scented veil to cleanse the skin of the impurities collected throughout the day. A sensory explosion that, once rinsed off, leaves the face immaculate and the skin supple and comfortable.

Massage a dab of product into damp skin on the face. Rinse with warm water, ideally using a damp cloth.

– Glacial spring water: Promotes tissue exchanges, vitalizes skin metabolism and stimulates natural defense systems.
– Pro-Beautics: Enriches the skin’s flora.
– Pre-Beautics: Nourishes the microbiota.