– Reduces and tightens pores to activate skin glow
– Activates the skin’s natural glow mechanisms
– Reinforces the skin in-depth to perfectly diffuse the light
– Reduce pore visibility
– Smooth
– Unify tone
– Enhance natural glow

Recommended for:
Suitable for all skin types, particularly recommended if skin has an irregular texture or enlarged pores.

Texture: Serum



Product Size: 30ml 1.0 oz

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A pleasure to the touch, easy to apply, this delicate watery serum for daily use is steeped in light-centered expertise. With its brilliant combination of active ingredients, LumiSence targets the pores with precision to reduce their visibility and stimulates skin cell activity in depth, leaving your complexion silky-smooth in appearance and glowing with reflected light.
An ultra-fine serum water reduces and tightens the pores to activate skin glow. This face essence reinforces in-depth the skin has a perfect diffusion of the light.
LumiSence offers the power of mechanical blurring.
LumiSence has the freshness of an essence and the power of a serum.

Morning and/or evening, apply a few pumps to the face and neck. Massage lightly until fully absorbed then continue with LumiCream or another of your favorite moisturizing creams.

– Swiss Phyto-Complex for alpine radiance: A cocktail of 7 plants organically cultivated at high altitudes, where air purity and pristine glacier water offer ideal conditions for the development of powerful active ingredients
– Triple DNA for aging prevention: A moisturizer that retains 10,000 times its weight in water. A state-of-the-art anti-age molecule that stimulates all cell functions
– White Mulberry Root (in soil cultivation) for an even tone: Reduces yellow dullness
– White Mulberry Root (aeroponic cultivation) for a smoother surface: Reduces roughness
– Pore Refiner Concentrate for less visible pores: Reduces and refines the pores