Primary Pomade

Recommended for:
– For all skin types
– Ideal for dry and cracked skin

Texture: Balm


Product Size: 50 ml 1.7 oz

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Primary Pomade is a next-generation balm created to provide intense nourishment that plunges deep into the epidermis to deliver a myriad of benefits. This ointment immediately and intensely nourishes skin. Thanks to the latest technology, its incredibly fine texture penetrates the skin at a rapid speed, visibly healing dry or irritated areas. It replenishes lipids, restores the skin’s protective barrier function, and softens dry skin. The skin is smoother, more supple and comfortable. Because it has a high concentration of vegetable wax, crystals may form, however this in no way lessens the product’s effectiveness or safety.

Morning and/or evening, warm a small amount of cream in the hands and apply to the entire face and neck, following serum. Massage gently to help it absorb.

– Formulated using prebiotics and probiotics, it fortifies and promotes a stable balance in the skin’s ecosystem. (LP complex, Biomimetic lipid complex and Ole-repairing complex)