Prime B-Cellular

Recommended for: All skin types. For those looking for a serum which protects the skin from contaneous aging.

Texture: Serum


Product Size: 30 ml 1.0 oz

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PRIME B-CELLULAR is a concentrated anti-age serum, repairing and restructuring, featuring an even softer and more soothing texture. Its enriched formula in CELLULAR PRIME COMPLEX brings all the necessary elements to the skin to revitalize and protect it efficiently against cutaneous aging.
Product advantage?
– Soothing and softening properties (razor burns), great for men.

– Mornings and evenings before moisturizer.
– Apply a few drops over the whole face and neck areas.

Hyaluronic acid and mucopolysaccharides: Highly hydrating molecules which help maintain skin suppleness and elasticity.
Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate: Keratolytic ingredient, helps smooth skin’s
surface. Eases collagen production and fights against proliferation of free radicals.
D-Panthenol: Optimizes cell renewal and contributes to skin hydration.
Allantoin: Softening and anti-inflammatory.
Urea & lactic acid: Help maintain an ideal moisture rate.
Sorbitol: Humectant, reduces the speed of water evaporation.
Mallow: Emollient, softening and anti-inflammatory.
Triple DNA: Helps maintain and stimulate the skin’s vital functions.
RNA in liposomes: Powerful cellular bio-activator.
Peptides from synthesis origin: Offer an anti-wrinkle action similar to retinoic acid (Acid Vitamin A).
Plant extracts: Microcirculation activating extracts.