Prime Regenera I

Recommended for: Skin lacking tone and radiance. For those looking for an oxygenating and energizing skin cream.

Texture: Cream


Product Size: 50 ml 1.7 oz

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A rich and nourishing cream, PRIME REGENERA I is ideal for oxygen-deprived skin damaged by the first signs of cutaneous aging and lacking in radiance and tone. Its concentration in CELLULAR PRIME COMPLEX helps maintain the elasticity and balance of healthy skin while also stimulating its oxygenation. After a month, the skin looks healthier, re-plumped with hydration.

Morning and/or evening, apply to clean and dry skin with gentle massages.

Biological extracts: Help enhance oxygen consumption and boost cell renewal.
Propylene glycol: Helps maintain an ideal moisture rate.
Borago oil: Rich in essential fatty acids, it combats skin dryness, regenerates the epidermis and improves skin elasticity.
Triglycerides of capric and caprylic acids: Nourishing, provide softness and comfort.
Triple DNA: Helps maintain and stimulate the skin’s vital functions.
RNA in liposomes: Powerful cellular bio-activator.
Peptides from synthesis origin: Offer an anti-wrinkle action similar to retinoic acid (Acid Vitamin A).
Plant extracts: Microcirculation activating extracts. They potentialize the activity of the peptides.