Time Master Intensive Program

Recommended for: For all skin types at the change of seasons. Fine lines and wrinkles, skin lacking firmness and elasticity. Exceptionally effective in prolonging the results of plastic surgery.


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With its ultra-high concentration of active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, liposome-encapsulated DNA and RNA, Elastin Reviver, a cocktail of peptides and more), this intensive skincare program targets and works in synergy with all the biological processes involved in counteracting the appearance of visible signs of skin aging. An essential cellular treatment, it targets hydration, energy, skin radiance, wrinkles and firmness. The extremely fine-textured nano-emulsion acts as a powerful delivery system to transport the ingredients to the skin. In just 28 days, the skin appears soft, regenerated and radiant. The face glows with renewed youthfulness, and radiates serenity and vitality.

Mornings and evenings: apply 5 pump pressures on the face and neck. Spread the product on both hands and apply, from the center of the face outward, with ascending and smoothing motions. Continue to apply with ascending motions on the neck and décolleté . After complete penetration of the product, apply light pressure stimultaneously on the chin and forehead then on the cheeks. Then apply moisturiser to the entire face, neck and décolleté. Use as a 28 day treatment and repeat every 3 to 6 months.

Complex of hyaluronic acid of high and low molecular weight: The part of high molecular weight creates a hydrating film which fills the dehydration fine lines on the skin surface. The part of low molecular weight penetrates in the deeper layers of the epidermis and retains water in the cells.
DNA liposome: Increases by 300% the penetration of Triple DNA. Delivers the strong hydrating and regenerating properties of Triple DNA all the way to the live epidermis. Provides fatty acids to reinforce the intercellular cement.
RNA liposome: Stimulates the activity of the DNA.
Elastin Reviver: Boosts the synthesis of LOXL to facilitate the assembly of elastin functional fibers and visibly improve skin elasticity.
Cocktail of anti-wrinkle peptides: A combination of a tripeptide and a tetrapeptide improving the synthesis of collagens and structural glycoproteins and providing anti-wrinkle action similar to that of Retinoic Acid (Vitamin A acid).