V-Shape Filling Concentrate

– Smooths facial features
– Enhances volume and firms
– Reinforces skin structure
– Tightens the skin
– Gives density and tonicity
– Minimizes the appearance of pores

Recommended for: For all skin types. Skin with loss of volumes and sagginess.
Texture: Serum


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Product Size: 30 ml 1.0 oz

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In the morning and evening, apply a few drops of V-SHAPE FILLING CONCENTRATE to the face and neck. Massage the product lightly until fully absorbed. Continue by applying a suitable cream.

– Vitamin C: Anti-oxidant, protects skin’s structures
– Peptides Cocktail: Wrinkle repairer, stimulates deep cell renewal
– Densi-Derm: Cell Regeneration, allows a good cohesion of fibers and ground substance
– Fibro-boost: Elasticity and firmness coach/trainer, helps boost production of collagen and elastin
– G.A.Gs-boost: Skin plumper, helps to boost GAG production by providing elements indispensable for them to function
– Triple DNA: Antioxidant, reinforces and stimulates cellular metabolism (Ca++, Mg++, Na+), stimulates cellular exchange
– Liposome RNA: Bio-activator, reinforces cell structure, reinforces the intercellular cement
– Whey Protein